Milla A and Missy Mays: Holy F***, Batman!

Boys, this was a balls searing, makeup running, renew your prescription to Cialas kinda session. 

So where to start...

So I was in YEG this weekend with some time and money on my hands. I had an hr booked with another SP, but it didn’t work out at the last minute. I was disappointed, but understood the reason. I had been looking at Milla for a while, but figured she was pretty booked up. It was 11:48 the last night of her stay, but took a chance and messaged her. She responded right away and said we could do 12:30. Wow! Lucked out. Then she asked if I was interested in a duo with Missy. Thought, “What the hell.” Was horny and raring to go, so said, “Sure”. 

Arrived at their very swanky DT hotel and was directed to the wrong room. FML! Luckily, the right one was next door, and I only knocked twice. Honest mistake - they moved because the other one had no hot water. Went in, and was immediately mauled by..... a little Pomeranian. She travels with a little fella, cute as hell and I am a bit of a dog whisperer, so he was all over me. They got a kick out of I.T.. After a bit of chit chat, went for a rinse. Came out in one of the bath robes and Milla invited me on the bed, where she proceeded to open my robe and stick her tongue down my throat. Missy went for my dick, hard! And he was standing at attention already. Now let me tell you; Missy advertises as a Girl Next Door. Gonna call bullshit on that. (Unless that’s what you want). She is a Tigress in Heat. She was “all-in” for a hidden camera pornstar video, I’d say. She was game for anything. But more on that later. So Milla is playing tonsil hockey with me and Missy is trying to deepthroat the LG. Not easy, because he is not little. But she is a trooper and then Milla steps in and shows her how its done. Again, not easy, but Milla can stuff a big one down her throat if she wants to - and she wanted to. After a bit of back-and-forth, Missy is going after my balls hard, and Milla is DT my dick. What a sight and feeling. The two of them are quite the tag-team. Missy insists on trying to DT my dick, and succeeds, although the makeup takes a bit of a hit from the tears, lol. Milla asks me if I want to fuck Missy first. Yes, I do. She has that schoolgirl look and has cute little lingerie on, and I have a long taste before I do. While I indulge in Missy’s tasty little treat, Milla is sucking my dick and rubbing my ass. Missy turns around, a lid goes on, and she backs up to take it in her little pussy. It is tight, but she is lovin’ it, and begins to push back on me, grinding her ass into my belly. She is a tight little number to fuck, just on her own! Milla asks me if I want to fuck her ass. Uhmm, Yes Please! “You can fuck my ass, then cum on her face and we’ll share it.” Say what? I am reaching for the smelling salts at this point, and we just got started. So Milla wants to start in her vag, but it’s not happening, so we go straight to the “A”. I don’t get a lot of SP’s, actually any, who agree to Greek due to size. Although it’s a challenge, Milla tells Missy to guide it in and be generous with the lube. In he goes. Missy is turned on like a lightbulb at the sight of Milla taking lg up the ass. “Oh yeah, pull my hair”. “Fuck my ass hard!” Milla is grinding back at me while Missy is getting herself off at the sight and sounds. This is like a movie! How the fuck did I make it past the casting? Anywho, after a few minutes of doggy, I get her in lazy doggy and give it to her good. She takes it like a champ and then I give her a rest. Off comes the wrapping and Missygoes after my dick HARD again. She gets underneath me and starts in on my balls, while jerking my dick. Wow! Milla turns around and I alternate fingering and licking her ass while Missy is working the undercarriage. Can this get any better? (“Yes”, is the correct answer) I look down, and Missy is face-fucking herself against my lg. Christ in a handbasket! They ask me what gets me off, as I do have trouble most times due to some sciatica. I tell them, and they look at each other and say, “Well you should have told us before. No problem. Missy will rim you and I will suck your dick”. Huh? So, we rearrange ourselves and its on like Donkey Kong. Missy is working my ass hard (as she does everything), and Milla is dt my dick. This is awesome (Ya think?), but I get Milla to eat Missy while Missy eats my ass, until I explode into Missy’s mouth. No sharing, because it went straight down the hatch. Snooze you loose, Milla. 

So I am fucked six ways from Sunday at this point, and the only thing looking at me with any enthusiasm is the Pomeranian. He wants some lovin’ too! (Not that kind) The girls have been worked hard, and made it happen for me. Missy’s makeup is all over her face; Milla has a huge grin. They are exhausted, I am sure, but satisfied as well. I sit there in shock for a few minutes as the girls look at me to make sure I still have a Sinus Rhythm. The lg is still standing at full attention from the almost hour we have been banging in every position allowed by the program. 

So we chat for a few minutes, I give the Pomeranian some more attention, and we say our goodbye’s. I make my way out of the hotel and down to emerg. It has been at least and hr and a half since I walked in.

It was my first duo and my first full Greek. Holy fuck, this was a session for the ages. Let me tell you, Milla is passionate, exotic sexy, and doesn’t stop until you are satisfied. She usually takes the lead in the duo, and Missy does whatever Milla isn’t. Missy is a tight little spinner, and does not hold back on anything she does. Milla’s body is to die for, andI never tired of playing with it. Couldn’t keep my fingers out of her! There was never a pause in the action, unless I called for it. I, for one, will be saving my sheckles for the next time they are in town, as a repeat is not only necessary, but required for sanity’s sake. I am still replaying the session in my mind, and will be the new standard for my sessions in the future. If you have ever thought about a duo, try these two out when they come back to town. Fully interactive, and work together to make sure you are satisfied. 

That’s it, fellas. Hope you enjoyed my little tale. Until next time...

— RockyB

Date: 05-25-2019, 10:06 pm


Milla Annabella and Missy Bryan Juiced a Mango

Milla is one of those ladies who is a must see when she comes to town. I've experienced a couple of outer worldly duos with Milla, first with Sinthia and second Anatazia. Both since retired (sigh) but experiences that are recorded in time for the memory bank. The latest wee lass to accompany Milla this week on her western trip was Missy Bryan. The texts I received when they were coming to town went like "duo with Missy will be insane" and "be ready".... fireworks may have been going on at the Stampede ground last night but gotta say I experienced fireworks of a different kind with these two ladies.

Am not sure if I was ready for what hit me but as I reflect on last evenings events it was one insanely hot session. Vodka shots and amaretto sours got us going. Somehow we worked in a little fun with food. Not sure what Missy liked more... licking off the whipped cream or devouring my cock. Now Missy advertises as a submissive and with her Mistress Milla helping/instructing, I got to experience her deep throat skills amongst a series of carnal delights. It was an evening to remember!

Rates might be considered steep but well worth it!



Date: 07-09-2018, 09:29 PM


:) Milla and Missy

Back with a review of my adventures with Milla, this time she brought with her Missy Bryan. A lady who I have been keeping and eye on twitter hoping she would tour here in Vancouver. 

Set up was easy, booked a 2 hours duo with these 2 ladies well over a month in advance. 

I saw them last night, and opened the door two gorgeous ladies in school girl outfits. Obviously these girls were naughty type because neither liked to wear panties. 

Milla I’ve detailed appearance before, no change except for hair colour which is now blond from brunette. 

Missy Bryan has a very alternative sexy look to her, dark hair, sexy cute little body with very squeezable bubble butt. She is a submissive so she enjoyed haven her naughty bum being spanked until it was completely res. I could tell she was loving it because after the round of spanks I tasted her kitty and could already notice her juices dripping down my throat already. 

These two have definitely worked with each before, amazing double blowjob from both. Especially from Missy, she completely ate me up. Great scene was Millaforcing her head in junior with one hand while continuing to spank that fine ass of Missy. Lots of gagging spit and saliva all around. 

We did it in multiple positions, the one that is still replaying in my head is while I take Milla in doggy style, missy climbs up on top of Milla’s with her back facingher back and her Missy’s legs on top of my shoulders with her sweet kitty position to my mouth. And I pound and lick away to bliss.

Only managed 2 shots, each one of them finishing in Missy’s mouth, her bbbjs were to good not too. 

Lots of wine, and great conversation during as well, left extremely satisfied. 

I always look forward in duos with Milla and her partners. Missy and her were the most fun yet. 
They are still here for a few days. I myself will have to recharge and replenish for the next time they come back. Which I hope is not to far away in the future. 




Date: 06-28-2018, 07:33 AM


Review of Krissy Kendrickk 11 out of 10

I owe the board a post, and here is one of my great experiences recently.

Ratings come across as insulting to some but by heading was meant to impress that I really really liked my experience with Krissy. She was everything she said in her ad. I was looking to expand my interest in being with a submissive girl, I jokingly told her I was a dom in training lol. She was perfect, at least for me. She took the time to show me her toys, explained the best way to use them, unfortunately the spreader bar was missing a critical part. I don't know what defines a hard dom but I don't think I'm it. I was/am more interested in being with a sub who enjoys the scene and exploring what gets her off, at one point, the spanking actually made her laugh, that was erotic. The whole experience came with bb oral (she was amazing at this), cvd fs, kissing, and lots of role interaction, she gets into roles real easy and her short verbal comments were great. She is my fantasy example of a GF that can flip a switch and become a horny and excited PSE. A definite repeat.  


Date: 05-29-2017, 03:02 PM


Had the pleasure of visiting krissy 
She is an enthusiastic spinner with a real passion for oral
Her pictures are accurate but she is more than a thousand words 
Very tight athletic body ; did I mention "spinner"

Her in calls are downtown and my initial impression was that of shy and polite 
This disappears quickly when she got to business with a BJ
This was the most enthusiastic and aggressive BJ I've ever experienced

Well worth the visit and a very pleasant young lady that loves her work 

I plan to repeat on my next visit to Hog Town


Date: 03-20-2017, 07:32 PM


I can help a bit I believe. I saw Krissy last week as part of a dual with Milla. Found some time early one morning last week , reach out to Milla and she said that a friend was over "Krissy" , I asked for a what she was like, Milla said you will not be disappointed. A few hours later the three of us met up, I only took a hour, seeing it was first time meeting with Krissy at least. Well time went by very fast,(wish I had booked 2 hours). Krissy is tiny, but a huge blast in bed, tons of skills loves to handled , great little body and wicked in the BJ department, I might even say TOP 5!(very wet lets say) Krissy super cool no stress and really enjoys herself. I must say I was VERY satisfied when it was over. Sorry I have a back log of reviews to share with everyone, but I saw your post, and though I would put me 2 cents in.



Date: 03-20-2017, 01:36 PM


All that I can say is that she is submissive and VERY freaky. I've been with over 1000 Sps in my career and she is by far the freakiest. I mean she actually really enjoys being submissive... She's a super freak, she's super freaky

I also forgot to mention that her head is super sloppy. I mean, like, it took almost a dozen baby wipes to clean myself up. normally 1's good.


Date: 03-24-2016, 05:13 PM


I saw her today and she really is incredible. NEVER have I experienced such a true GFE/PSE. I almost don't even want to review her because I wish I could have her all to myself...

Seriously though I've never had a session so fun and erotic all at once. Call her a good actress or a YMMV type of deal but fuck me, it really felt like she wanted me as much as I wanted her - and with this hobby that's all you could ask for.

10/10 and a def repeat as long as she'll have me.


Date: 07-18-2015, 10:08 PM


missy - best session ever!

I had the great pleasure of seeing missy the other day, and let me say, she is FAR better looking in person; her pics don't do her justice! 

All I can say is that it exceeded my expectations by, oh, about a million! She is very warm and bubbly and makes you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the front door. We share similar tastes in music too, which made the session go even smoother. Booking was easy for me, and we agreed over text beforehand the rundown of what would basically become my own hardcore porn (yes, it was taped....extra, of course). I'm not about to go into details, because it was just too kinky, but it roughly consisted of me fucking her face and getting rimmed for the better part of 2 hours, lots of degrading talk, mixed with some cumplay. If anyone's read my review of sweet riley grace, it was basically that only more extreme......basically grace on steroids! 

For those of us into kink, I don't think there exists a better slave. She enjoys it just as much as you do! Of course, it does come at a price. The only downside was there was no Greek, but trust me, that is easily overlooked.  

PM for dirty details (I've received dozens of messages within just a few hours of posting, and expect to receive more. I will not be responding to any messages for which the info can be easily obtained by contacting missy herself, ie. Price, normal services offered.)


Date: 07-05-2015, 06:29 PM


For my personal safety/protection, I have had to undergo a few name changes. Past alias’s I’ve been known as are; ‘Missy Bryan’ or ‘tinysubmissy’ and ‘Krissy Kendrickk’.